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  • Can't sleep so I'm counting unicorns instead of sheep. It's not helping that they are glittery and colorful.
  • What do you call a tired sheep?...ashleep… #haha #lol #sheep #joke
  • 'Knock knock' 'whose there?' 'Interrupting sheep' interrupting sheep wh..' 'BAHHH'
  • A leap year is never a good sheep year. - Engels gezegde
  • countin' sheep like Little Bo peep
  • I've tried counting sheep but they keep turning into nyan cat #lol
  • RT @disneywords: What would you say if I get someone else to watch the sheep for me tonight? –Bo Peep (Toy Story)
  • Little bo Peep, why did you take away the sheep from my sleep??
  • What do you call a baby sheep between two sheets of plastic? Lambinated
  • What did the shepherd say to his last sheep?... I guess its just no one but ewe.
  • To do so requires wood. Now I have sheep, I need wood … who has wood for my sheep?” – Sheldon
  • Where do sheep get their hair cut? The baaaaa-bers! #lol
  • Doctor I feel like a sheep. That's baaaaaaaaaad! #lol
  • Mummy! I know how jumpers are made! from wool off sheep ME- wow was that on Cbeebies? JACK- No! I'm just clever!
  • Why was the sheep in prison? Because he was ba-a-a-a-aad :)
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