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What song did the Ames brothers make famous? 
Ewe, ewe, ewe, I'm in love with ewe,ewe,ewe...

What cloned sheep has a river named after her? 

Some cloned sheep have an entire nation named for them.. 
The EweSA

What cloned sheep is named after a famous Russian czar and British 
Peter Ewestinov

What is the skin disease most commonly found in cloned sheep? 

How do cloned sheep undermine one another? 
They ewesurp

How can you tell a cloned sheep has gone bad? 
They become ewesless

How do you know a cloned sheep is incontinent? 
They frequently ewerinate; although, sheep incontinence can sometimes be 
confewesed with a ewerinary tract 

What's the name of the cloned sheep insurance agency? 

When did Lincoln specifically mention cloned sheep? 
When he said, "Fourscore and seven ewers ago..."

What is one of the ACT questions for cloned sheep? 
Is the newemerator divided by the denominator?

Where do all cloned sheep finally go? 

When can cloned sheep sometimes be irritating? 
When they become a newesance

What city jobs do cloned sheep like best? 
Working in the sewers

What is the oldest evidence for cloned sheep in the fossil record? 
Neweanderthal sheep

While most cloned sheep are Ewenitarian, many prewefer Catholicism or 
are Episcopalian. Why? They like to 

Which cloned sheep are described in mythologewe? 

Which cloned sheep was emperor of the Roman Empire? 
Augustus Cewesar

What mathematical error was made by the cloned sheep, Albert Ewenstein? 
He ewesd Ewe=mc2 instead of E=mc2

Which location in California has the most cloned sheep? 
Eweba City

Which planet is named for a cloned sheep? 
Eweranus - or - is it Jewepiter?

How can you tell that a cloned sheep has died? 
There's always a ewelogy 
How are leaders of cloned sheep elected? 

How do you know cloned sheep are happy? 
They are ewephoric

If you clone a philosophical sheep what will it search for? 
The meaning of the eweniverse

Why do cloned sheep all act the same? 
None of them can make a ewenilateral decision

How do you teach young cloned sheep? 
Get them to recite in ewenison

Evidence of cloned sheep have been found in Mesopotamia along the 
Ewephrates River.

If too many sheep were cloned, would they become ewebiquitous?

What does a stylish cloned sheep wear? 
Eweniforms, of course

How would Jung account for the dreams of cloned sheep? 
He would ascribe it to their eweniversal unconscious

What music is favored by cloned sheep? 
Rthym and Blewes; although, some prefer newe age

Of course Christmas is the favorite holiday of cloned sheep. Why? 
It is the Eweltide season (some prefer Newe Year's Day) 

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